Drink review: Viritus Organic vodka

Warm up on winter's chilliest days with this smooth organic Vodka.

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The holidays are a time for overindulgence and over-pours, but you don’t have to feel bad about having one or one-too-many sips of Viritus Organic Vodka. Distilled six times, this world champion vodka is the perfect addition to any festive gathering or even just a regular weekday – hey, no judgement here.

Master Distiller and founder, Mathew Sterling, set out to make an entirely gluten-free Spirit after struggling with the effects of his Celiac disease. This sparked a passion to create the best vodka experience. Handcrafted from organic sweet corn, Viritus is smooth for sipping and subtle enough for any cocktail, plus it’s Kosher, vegan, and Canadian made – a.k.a. good for anyone on your Nice list (of age, of course).

Typically I need to build up the courage before taking a shot of vodka, but with Viritus' signature lion emblem, the courage is on the bottle. Inside it's just silky, smooth goodness. No burning, eye-watering aftertaste followed by immediate regret – now that's the kind of liquid courage I need.