Weapons of Choice: T-Fal's Ingenio Collection

Kitchen in your apartment a little snug? Don't worry, T-Fal's Ingenio collection are top-notch space savers


Named 'Ingenio' for a reason, this nifty collection from T-Fal features removable handles that detach and re-attach with one click, meaning the cookware can stack inside each other and take up a heck of a lot less space in your kitchen cupboards. They fit on all stoves and the handles are safe and secure handling up to 10kg of weight. Not only that, the removable handles mean you can cook your food and move it to the table and serve it in the same dish. If that hasn't impressed you yet, the system allows you to snap a plastic lid on the dish to easily store leftovers. Genius!

$59.99 - $199.99