Weapons of Choice: Baffi Collection's Ultimate Cutting Board

No fuss, no muss and Norm Kelly approved, what more do you need in a cutting board?


For anyone that enjoys spending time in the kitchen but hates the mess that can be left behind, the Ultimate Cutting Board created by Baffi Collection is for you.This contemporary all-in-one board is a home chef’s dream and for good reason: the board is a slice, dice and cooking station that features a built-in compartment including a mandolin slicer, measuring cups and a lemon juicer, knife compartment and disposal tray to collect, rinse, measure and pour ingredients being chopped on the board. The product itself (handmade in Canada) is crafted from solid maple wood by the team at Baffi Collection.

Michael Motamedi, co-founder of Baffi Collection and owner of Toronto hotspot Parcae, explains, “I was inspired to create (the boards) out of my own love of cooking and the realization that the cutting board is the most-used item in the kitchen."

You can get your hands on one by pre-ordering via Kickstarter with orders beginning to ship in February. It seems Norm Kelly already has so what are you waiting for?

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