Fresh City Farms: Organic, sustainable and locally-grown groceries

Fresh City Farms is changing the way we grocery shop with a shopping cart full of locally and sustainably sourced items that make ethical eating a (delicious) breeze.

Ever find yourself dashing around your local grocery store, clutching a shopping list with far fewer strikethroughs than you hoped in one hand, and a packet of seafood that reads ‘Fresh frozen’ in the other, asking ‘isn’t there an easier way to shop?’

The answer, if you live in Toronto, is a resounding yes. While we might kid ourselves that we don’t have the time (or the wallet) to shop locally and sustainably, Fresh City Farms is making it easier than ever to stock your fridge and pantry in a way that feels and tastes fantastic.

Earlier this year, the newest (and largest) Fresh City location opened at Bay and Gerrard. The store includes a café with a seating area for customers to enjoy a coffee and a croissant (the best). Now with two storefronts – the other location is at Ossington and Queen – it's easier than ever to get hands on food that was grown, made and delivered by good hands.

A Foodism magazine stand at Fresh City Farms

We're in Fresh City Farms

Find your free hard copy of Foodism at both Fresh City Farms locations (at Bay and Gerrard or Ossington and Queen). Just look for our magazine stands by the entrance.

You might not make it to a midweek farmers’ market or have the bandwidth to pore over the labels in the produce aisle, but Fresh City Farms has founded their business on the guiding principles of 100 per cent organic produce, local-whenever-possible products, certified organic and 100 per cent Grassfed meat, and sustainable seafood.

If you still can’t make it from your home to Fresh City Farms' doors, you can support the local economy and the planet, not to mention your belly, from the comfort of your couch. Shop their wide selection of organic produce, prepared foods (Swedish meatballs, tofu korma, Greek chicken) and fresh, from-scratch goodies from its family of local producers including The Healthy Butcher and Mabel's Bakery. Either add high-quality items like cheese, antipasti, bagels and buns to your cart, or opt for an organic produce bag full of seasonal goodies – this year’s harvest looks set to yield all manner of goodness from zucchini and bok choy to cherry tomatoes and green onions. Fresh City Farms’ delivery boxes – available seven days a week in Toronto – are recyclable and most of the packaging is reusable. One more reason to feel good about your food.

Committed to urban farming, Fresh City Farms has been running Canada’s largest commercial city farm at Downsview Park since 2011, where they grow organically on a two-acre field and inside a greenhouse. To access the freshest organic fruits and veggies around, all you need to do is hotfoot it to one of their downtown stores; head to their original Ossington location or visit the new and (dare we say?) improved Bay and Gerrard outpost, complete with a café, ready-to-enjoy meals, a natural health and wellness supplements section and more.

If you want the highest quality food without also having to triple check that your food is made or grown in an ethical way, Fresh City Farms is the purveyor to trust. It lets you shop, support local makers and reduce your environmental footprint in one tasty step – all you have to do is eat.

Wondering how this can get any better? Delivery is free in the GTA! To start filling up your basket, head to

You can follow the brand for behind-the-scenes happenings at their farm and information about new products on Instagram at @FreshCityFarms.