Uncover the mystery of Viñátigo's treasured Canary wines

Skip your usual bottle and delve into the unknown with Viñátigo's unparalleled wines from the Canary Islands — available until October 3. 

When stocking up on weekend provisions, it’s easy to head to the LCBO and reach for the same boring old bottles of wine week after week. But beyond the four walls of your local liquor store, there’s a whole world of unique and rare wines just waiting to be discovered.

Hailing from the Canary Islands, Viñátigo wines are shrouded in mystery. Due to its isolation as an archipelago and its volcanic, phylloxera-free soils, this area has its own unique viticultural heritage, resulting in delicious, quality wines that are unmatched by anything else in the world.

Now, these inimitable expressions are available for a limited time through Nicholas Pearce Wines, with free shipping to most postal codes throughout Ontario. Choose from their Unique Grapes of the Canary Islands Mixed Case or the Finest Mixed Case to discover a range of these unparalleled wines, or opt for a case of 12 of either the Listán Blanco de Canarias 2020 or the Listán Negro 2019.

A refreshing white wine with a vibrant acidity, the Listán Blanco opens with a bouquet of dried fruits, fennel and fig leaves. It has a mineral quality, distinctive of the Canary Islands' volcanic soils. This crisp and salty wine calls for grilled fish and potatoes. Meanwhile, the Listán Negro is a juicy red with spicy notes of black pepper mixed with aromas of dark fruit. It's the perfect serve for luxuriating over with friends while tucking into a beautiful charcuterie board.

Whichever you choose, you can’t go wrong with these Canary wines. Any offering from Viñátigo is sure to impress and please guests, or make a cozy night in feel like a celebration.

What makes these treasured wines so special is their lengthy history in this unique area of the world. Part of Spain, but situated off the coast of Morocco, the Canary Islands benefit from the Trade Winds, which create a mild, paradisiacal climate year-round. The islands acted as a hub for traders and merchants on expeditions to the New World, and many vines from all over Europe were planted here. Thanks to its rich volcanic soil and isolation, the island was protected from the phylloxera that wiped out vineyards in Europe, and the Canary Islands became a secret oasis, home to thriving Old World vines for centuries.

For over 30 years, the founder of Viñátigo Juan Jesús Méndez has been rediscovering, saving and cultivating these ancient vines. While some of the grape varieties found here have an equivalent elsewhere in the world, many of them are completely unique to the Canary Islands — a result of centuries of natural crossings between the vines. Since he founded Viñátigo in 1990, Méndez has discovered 82 grape varieties and he makes wine with 17 of them.

Until October 3, you can purchase Viñátigo’s Canary wines and taste these incredibly unique varietals for yourself.

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