The FoodSaver 2100 is a vacuum sealing system designed to keep your food fresh. While it might seem simpler to just toss your leftovers into a zipper baggie or Tupperware container, these standard storage methods trap air inside with the food, causing it to turn bad or become stale over time. The FoodSaver removes the air and locks out moisture, preserving food for significantly longer (up to five times longer according to FoodSaver’s research).

It’s ideal for fans of batch cooking, or if you get bored of leftovers easily, you can seal them up with the FoodSaver and chuck them in the freezer until they seem interesting again. The FoodSaver also makes it more practical to buy your groceries in bulk, which means fewer schleps to the store — plus it’s great for preserving things like fresh herbs, which always seem to be sold in way larger quantities than you would ever need for a single recipe. The FoodSaver is surprisingly lightweight and compact, so you can rest assured that it won’t take up a ton of space in your kitchen.