If you're struggling to get in your four-to-six servings of fruit and veg per day, juices are a great way to amp up your intake. While whole fruits and vegetables are still an important part of any diet, grabbing a fresh juice or smoothie is a refreshing alternative to those that might otherwise be averse to extra helpings of greens. 

Most centrifugal juicers and blenders use high-speed blades that heat up and break down your produce, but the Hurom Personal Slow Juicer uses a slow-squeezing auger meant to mimic the hand-squeezing of juice. With this method, more nutrients and flavour is retained from your fruits and vegetables. 

Aside from the usual – fruits, leafy and cruciferous veg – you can also use the Hurom juicer to make tasty nut milks and soy milk. The capacity is smaller but condo and apartment dwellers will appreciate how the juicer occupies minimal kitchen real estate (and looks pretty sleek on your countertop too). 

US$299.99, hurom.com.