Nespresso’s new Expert capsule coffee machine is compact, sleek and ridiculously easy to use. Designed to sit flat against the wall, it won’t add significantly to your kitchen counter clutter.

Nespresso bills the machine as offering personalization of your coffee through the use of two rotating dials that allow you to tweak your brew’s size and temperature. Use the left dial to toggle between five different cups sizes, ranging from a short Ristretto shot to a long, mild Americano.

The right dial is used to select a warm, hot or very hot water temperature. Warm is perfect if you want to chug a quick cup before rushing out the door and don’t have time for it to cool off to a reasonable drinking temperature; while very hot is lovely on those mornings when you have time to linger and sip slowly.

Adding to the Expert’s cool factor is its built-in Bluetooth technology, which allows you to pair the machine with the Nespresso app. The app makes the already easy machine even more effortless to use, offering options to change your coffee settings, remind you when you’re low on capsules, and schedule your brew for the next morning (although you will have to remember to actually set up your mug on the machine).