Every breakfast aficionado knows that the defining feature of a perfect waffle is its crispy exterior. The interior should be fluffy and moist, yes, but the exterior should be crispy and golden (otherwise it’s just a square pancake). All-Clad’s Belgian Waffle Maker has a steam-release system, which prevents condensation from building up during cooking (the culprit behind soggy waffles).

The cooking surface features super deep pockets, creating waffles that can hold lots of jam, syrup, fresh fruit, or whatever other toppings you want. Beeps and simple indicator lights let you know when the machine is ready for batter, as well as when the waffles have finished baking. There’s also an overflow trough that channels away any excess batter. The non-stick surface makes for no-fuss clean-up, and the machine can be stored upright so it’s easy to tuck away in a cabinet when you’re done.

$328; Amazon.ca