Steaming is one of the healthiest ways to cook. You don’t need to use any butter or oil when cooking with steam (as is often the case with frying and oven cooking), which means your foods remain free of added fats. Fans of steam cooking will also tell you that this method is better than most other techniques at preserving the nutrients of your ingredients. Steaming is a great way to prepare veggies, helping to retain their natural colour, texture and taste. It also works well for cooking fish like snapper and halibut without overdrying your fillets.

The Ballarini Steam Cooker features a shatter-proof glass insert and matching lid, allowing you to keep an eye on your steaming foods without removing the cover. With a radius of 20 cm, it can hold more than a typical metal steamer basket, making it ideal when cooking for larger groups. A no-brainer for quick, one-pot meals, you can stack multiple ingredients in the glass insert and steam them together, without worrying about cross-contamination of flavours.