Bee’s Wrap is a smart, eco-friendly alternative to plastic wrap that keeps cheese, veggies, fruits, baked goods and all kinds of other leftovers fresh. These reusable wraps are made from organic cotton infused with sustainably-sourced beeswax, jojoba oil and tree resin.

Just like plastic wrap, Bee’s Wrap can be used to package up foods or cover the tops of bowls and dishes. The warmth of your hands softens the wax enough to mould it around whatever you’re covering. The wrap then stiffens as it cools, neatly sealing your food. In addition to covering your leftovers, the beeswax and jojoba oil coating has antibacterial properties said to promote freshness. Bee’s Wraps are simple but effective (plus the honeycomb, clover and geometric print options are all super cute).

After using a wrap once, just wash it with cool water (this part is key because warm water can melt away the wax) and mild dish soap. Let the wrap hang to dry and then use it again. Even if you’re using them a few times a week, the wraps typically last for up to a year. When a wrap wears out, you can cut it up into strips and compost it, or wrap it around a piece of kindling and use it as a natural fire starter.

Starting at $6 for a single small wrap;