The Joseph Joseph Flavourizer packs everything you need for perfect meat prep into a single tool. Like a typical meat mallet, the Flavourizer has a textured face that can be used for tenderizing tough cuts of meat like brisket and flank steak, as well as a smooth face that’s ideal for flattening meats into a uniform thickness for more even cooking.

Unlike a standard meat mallet, however, the Flavorizer also has surfaces designed for adding flavour to your meats. The top of the tool acts like a pestle, which you can use to grind up spices to create meat rubs. Flip it over and you’ll see the base is shaped like a citrus reamer, meant for juicing lemons and limes to mix into marinades.

The Flavourizer saves on kitchen drawer space and makes for a less cluttered work area when prepping. Clean-up, too, is simplified with just one tool to wash and (bonus!) it’s also dishwasher safe.