Shameful fact of the day: as a planet, we throw away about a third of our produce. If you're looking for someone to blame, you might want to check your fridge. Turns out, it's not always the best place for your fruit and veg. There's the obvious issue—out of sight, out of mind—and on top of that, the cool conditions are actually more than some produce can take. That's why Elyse Leclerc and Gabrielle Falardeau, the Montreal-based duo behind Jarre, created the La Denise range. Handcrafted by local woodworkers and ceramicists, the three modules provide the ideal conditions for preserving different types of produce.

  • La Denise I is filled with sand to preserve humidity for root vegetables, like carrots and leeks, that need it.
  • La Denise II is for fruits and veg that need humidity and light, like tomatoes, citrus, pears and eggplant. Produce stored this way should be watered regularly.
  • La Denise III provides shade and dry conditions for fruits and vegetables like apples, garlic, potatoes and sweet potatoes.

All three modules look like something out of a design magazine, which means you'll want to show them off. (No more forgotten peppers wasting away in the corner of a crisper drawer.) You'll also notice a serious improvement in flavour from keeping your produce at room temperature.

$200-400, or $760 for all three modules;