Le Creuset has long been a go-to brand for home chefs looking to seriously step-up their cookware collection. Their limited edition Maple Leaf Round French Oven adds a commemorative element to the brand’s classic French oven.

This collectible piece was made using a special Maple Leaf mould and hand-enamelled in Le Creuset’s bold Cherry colour. As a tribute to Canada’s 150th birthday, exactly 1,867 of these French ovens were produced and the mould was destroyed afterwards (we can only assume this was done with an appropriate amount of drama). Each oven’s stainless steel knob features a sequential product number between one and 1,867.

Like Le Creuset’s other French ovens, the Maple Leaf version is wonderful for making soups, roasts, breads and one pot meals. The oven’s tight-fitting cast iron lid helps to lock in moisture for juicy, tender dishes, while the interior hard enameled coating is stick resistant for easy cleaning and resists chipping over time.

$500; lecreuset.ca