Napoleon's Himalayan Salt Platter (sometimes also called a salt block) is literally a big hunk of salt that can be used for cooking and serving a variety of hot and cold dishes. Any foods you place on the block pick up a light salty flavour that’s more complex than the taste of table salt due to the block’s distinctive mineral content.

You can heat the block up on the grill, stovetop or even in the oven and use it to sear thinly-sliced meats, veggies, or seafood hibachi-style. The block works equally well for serving cold appetizers or desserts like cheese, fruit or ice cream after chilling it in the fridge or freezer. If you leave raw dishes like salmon, tuna or beef carpaccio on the block for long enough, they will begin to cure from the salt, creating naturally cured meat and fish.

In addition to looking super cool as a serving platter, the block is great at retaining temperatures, so it’ll keep your chilled dishes cool and your hot foods sizzling at the table. Just remember to grab oven mitts and a trivet when using it for the latter, because we’re not kidding about the block getting seriously hot!