When it comes time for your holiday turkey roast, resist the temptation to purchase a flimsy dollar store tray. A proper roasting pan is a worthwhile investment, especially once you realize how heavy a turkey to feed your extended family of 12 can actually be.

Paderno's Multi Roaster fits turkeys up to 22 pounds and it's got a few clever design features that you'll appreciate when you've got a dozen other things to prep for a festive meal. 

The stainless steel construction (all made in Canada) is durable and safe for use in the oven and stovetop. Its domed lid also doubles as a secondary roasting pan for side dishes and other items. It's also equipped with a removable rack which allows juices to drain away from your bird for more even cooking. We appreciated how the handles of this roaster are angled so that it'll fit into tighter ovens. 

Lastly, the whole setup is dishwasher safe, meaning shorter clean-up time before that tryptophan coma kicks in. 

$349.99; Canadiantire.ca