Cravings for warm and satisfying roti usually mean hiking out to your nearest curry joint or settling for the sub-par experience of frozen varieties. But a new robotic kitchen appliance brings homemade roti into your kitchen.

The Rotimatic puts fresh puffed roti onto your dinner plate in a speedy 90 seconds. Simply fill in the flour, water and oil receptacles, select your desired softness, thickness, oil and roast levels and the machine takes care of the rest.

The unit is designed to let you watch the kneading and puffing activity in action. It’s a bit of a Jetsons’ like operation and one that tech lovers might nerd out over. Plus it’s enabled with Wi-Fi for remote troubleshooting and recipe updates as they’re developed. Pizza bases and tortillas are currently in the works, along with adaptations for healthier alternative flours such as millet and chickpea.

While it isn’t cheap, retailing at US$999 per unit, the website claims that roti-loving families could see the machine pay for itself in six months by reducing restaurant visits and takeaway meals.