Meet the Foodism 40: the changemakers, leaders and passionate professionals making waves in our industry. 

We’ve been living, eating and breathing all things delicious in Toronto for eight years. And, thanks to the culinary creatives in our community, we’ve never gone hungry when it comes to finding our content. Now, it’s time to return the favour.

This year, we’re celebrating an important milestone. To mark 40 issues of Foodism, we launched the Foodism 40, a list of hospitality professionals who are committed to bettering our industry. Supporting the local community has been a cornerstone of Foodism’s mission since we launched in 2016, and now it’s time to put the spotlight on those pushing it forward.

We’re celebrating 40 amazing individuals — from champions of diversity to sustainability superstars and culinary tourism titans. On November 1st we celebrated by bringing them all under one roof and giving them the official stamp of recognition they deserve.

Read on to find out which incredible and innovative individuals made the list.

The Event