Suresh Doss

Suresh Doss

Contributing Writer

Suresh Doss is a food, drink and travel writer based out of Toronto, Canada. For the past 12 years, he's been producing content through a variety of web and print channels.

Suresh Doss's articles

Glass Ceylon: A look into the Sri Lankan chefs behind Toronto's restaurant scene

Toronto’s Sri Lankan cooks are finally breaking through into the upper ranks of kitchen management. We talk to them about the experience of finding a place for their cuisine.

Daytripper: St. Catharines

The largest city in the Niagara Region, St. Catharines is quickly becoming a hotspot for food and drink of all kinds.

Restaurant review: Sushi Masaki Saito

Yorkville has a new luxury Japanese omakase experience with a Michelin-starred chef behind the pass.

Magic Mark: In the kitchen with Mark McEwan

King of Canadian cuisine Mark McEwan heads into the kitchen to share three recipes that have shaped his career and his future.

Our guide to Markham: Where to eat and what to do

Markham offers a culinary tour of the world, only 30 minutes from Toronto.

Duke of Dupont: Anthony Rose on The Last Schmaltz

Anthony Rose sits down with Suresh Doss to discuss his debut cookbook The Last Schmaltz and what it takes to run a thriving restaurant group.

How BarChef changed Toronto's cocktail scene

We chatted to Frankie Solarik about how ten years of BarChef cocktails helped Toronto shake its clubbing image.

Agave to Anejo: The tequila renaissance

We head to Jalisco in central Mexico to determine the difference between bar-rail tequila and craft offerings.

Plot to Plate: Q&A with Carl Heinrich on his obsession with vegetable farming

Suresh Doss sits down with acclaimed Toronto chef Carl Heinrich to discuss how working on a rural farm added a veg chapter to his nose-to-tail-cooking.

Breaking Barriers: Q&A with chef Joseph Shawana

Chef Joseph Shawana opens up about finding the courage to serve Indigenous cuisine

Franco Stalteri on the evolution of Toronto's world-class dining scene

We sit down with boundary-pushing food entrepreneur and operator of the long-standing Charlie's Burgers supper club series Franco Stalteri to discuss the past, present and future of dining out in Toronto

Cooking Up a New Life

A local group of Syrian newcomers are creating friendships, camaraderie and income for their families through food in Hamilton's Karam Kitchen.

Our guide to Prince Edward County

Ontario's favourite new staycation destination offers some of the best food and wine around.

The Bourdain Effect: A Q&A with Anthony Bourdain

We sit down with Anthony Bourdain and his co-writer, Laurie Woolever, to talk about their new cookbook and how the world of food is evolving.