If you've ever spent any time in the Argentina wines section of the LCBO, you've might have wondered why a large number tend to be Malbec – and why a large portion of those come from Malbec.

It's not your imagination. A large province in Argentina, Mendoza is home to 75% all of the vineyards in the country, with Malbec being the most popular varietal among them. Though the region's producers are known for their top wines, one that recently caught our attention is Finca Los Primos Malbec, a fruity vino from the Bodegas Bianchi winery.

Located in San Rafael, Argentina's semi-arid Mendoza province, the family-owned winery has been producing high-quality wine for the past 90 years. The fourth-generation winery has long been known for its exceptional value and its special terroir – and when you unpack the unique topography and winemaking conditions, it's easy to see why.

Located 240 km south of the capital city Mendoza, San Rafael fosters the perfect breeding ground for this aromatic wine. Though the vineyards are further away from the Andes mountains than other Mendoza wineries, the alluvial soils formed by the Diamante river watershed producing wines with well-balanced tannins and a very full mouthfeel.

The result is a lively and aromatic wine with a depth of Malbec flavour that can compete with some of its more expensive Mendoza cousins. Heavily aromatic, Finca Los Primos Malbec has a nose of blackberry before popping with cherry and plum flavours on the first sip, giving way to a lightly herbaceous finish.

Pair with red meats, spicy food and some of your stinkier soft cheeses – or just good company around the table at your next dinner party.

$12.40, lcbo.com