Pumpkin beers have become a seasonal indulgence, not unlike that unmentionable latte order from your go-to chain café. But one local craft brewer has put their unique twist on autumn’s favourite ale.

To give this pumpkin beer a bit of a kick, the folks at Great Lakes Brewery incorporated Belgian saison yeast – the same strain used in classic farmhouse ales – into the recipe. This yeast gives the beer a peppery note which complements the spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, nutmeg) and pumpkin (dehydrated cubes sourced from a Southwestern Ontario farmer) quite nicely.

Great Lakes suggests serving Saison DuPump in a tulip glass which lets you enjoy this beer’s spiced aroma more effectively. But the jack o’lantern scarecrow decorating the label makes it all too tempting to swill straight from the bottle during Halloween gatherings.

$5.95 for 600mL, LCBO.