Craft beer has taken over Toronto and the latest local vodka release is a sure sign of the trend. Drinklab's Hop Vodka is a unique spirit made by infusing vodka (made from Peaches and Cream corn grown in Chatham, Ontario) with a blend of West Coast hops. The vodka's creators, formerly the founders of Kensington Brewery and Spearhead, are no stranger to hops and experimented with a few varietals before settling on the final combination, which centres around the popular Cascade hop. 

Pop open the swing-top bottle and you'll notice familiar pale ale-like aromas of citrus and pine. The flavour could be described as a gin-vodka hybrid, borrowing the botanical-like nature of the former while still retaining the sharp bite of the latter. 

Try Hop Vodka on the rocks with a twist of lemon or lime to bring out its citrus flavours or use it in place of gin or vodka in your next cocktail. 

$24.85 for 375ml;