Whether it's Monday mornings or late days at the office, we're pretty convinced that coffee makes everything a little better. A new Ontario-made whisky helps to prove our point further. 

Kavi Reserve is a blended Canadian whisky that's made with locally-roasted cold brew coffee. While it's not as sweet as a coffee liqueur, it's also a less-intimidating introduction into the world of Canadian whisky for those new to the category. 

The base spirit is a combination of Canadian whiskies made from rye, rye malt, barley malt and corn that are blended specifically to complement the flavours of coffee. Locally-roasted coffee beans are then ground and steeped to make cold-brew coffee which has less bitterness than its hot equivalents. Then the magic happens – coffee and whisky are mixed in charred oak barrels then aged to let the flavours meld and marry. Cane sugar and vanilla are also added to help enhance Kavi's natural flavours. 

The resulting spirit is smooth with a sweet vanilla flavour upfront and a pleasant coffee finish that lingers on the tongue. We enjoyed Kavi on the rocks but we're looking forward to trying it with cola or ginger ale and spiking warm mugs of coffee, hot chocolate or apple cider with it when winter arrives. 

$29.95 for 750ml, LCBO.