Tonic has long been a bartender’s staple, but we’ve grown accustomed to consuming the mix as a carbonated beverage straight from the can or bottle.

If you take your cocktailing seriously, you might want to consider stirring up your next batch of G&Ts with tonic syrups. They condense all the flavour and sweetness of tonics into a syrup which can then be mixed with soda water when needed.

One of our favourite tonic syrups is Split Tree, based in Ottawa. The main ingredient is cinchona bark, which gives tonics their characteristic bitterness, while fresh lemon and lime juice and zest, whole lemongrass and sugar, help to balance the flavours. Their Tonic No. 3 is a classic option that works well in classic G&Ts but they also produce flavoured mixes such as Raspberry Mint and Lavender Lemon.

Simply mix ½ oz to 1 oz of Split Tree (depending on your tastes) with soda water and use it as tonic water in your regular cocktailing. You can also try Split Tree syrups in prosecco, iced tea or even to flavour your homebrewed kombucha.

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