Batman and Robin. Gin and tonic. Fish and chips. Whether they're yin and yang or two peas in a pod, dynamic duos are made all the better by their partners in crime.

A well-balanced couple can elevate something great to even loftier heights, while a poorly selected combo might ruin something that could have been wonderful. Which is why choosing a wine to match your meal is so important – regardless of whether it's an extra special day or just a Tuesday.

Viña Santa Carolina, one of the oldest wineries in Chile, has been making wine for 140 years – but in 2018, they gave things a facelift and created a new look for Carolina Reserva in Canada. The refreshed packaging was inspired by Carolina Iñiguez, the wife of the winery’s founder Luis Pereira; a woman who knew how to enjoy life and could turn even the simplest of moments into a grand one.

Carolina Reserva is a wine that deserves to be enjoyed every day. Whether you're sharing amazing moments with your loved ones or having a great time on your own, their range of wines invites you to make your moments unique. With its particular aromas and flavours, each variety of Carolina is the perfect embodiment of their winemaking philosophy, which seeks to portray the lasting links between Chile’s winegrowing valleys, their climate, and the fruit.

Carolina Reserva consists of several varieties, all of them superb choices to create new sensations and to be enjoyed simply by themselves or paired with your favorite dishes. Viña Santa Carolina’s winemaker recommends the following pairings:

Carolina Reserva Cabernet Sauvignon and Filet Mignon; Carolina Reserva Carmenère and an exotic Pad Thai; Carolina Reserva Chardonnay and zucchini lasagna; Carolina Reserva Merlot and an audacious pizza with unusual toppings like cantaloupe; Carolina Reserva Pinot Noir and tuna with mango sauce; and finally Carolina Reserva Sauvignon Blanc paired with a delicious salmon ceviche.

To learn how to cook a mouthwatering Filet Mignon and Coleslaw (video above) and all the other great pairings, head to their YouTube channel