The warm summer days have arrived, bringing the perfect opportunity to visit the cottage, set up a picnic, enjoy the lake and plan for all the upcoming summer celebrations. With Pride parties in full swing and Canada Day just around the corner, the best aspects of a Canadian summer are here. It's the ideal time to ensure your wine fridge and bar cart are fully stocked with everything you need to complement your summer feasts.

Summer amplifies the joy of cooking as the grill takes centre stage and the kitchen moves outdoors. It's a time to embrace the culinary delights of summer — the unique lightness, vibrance and simplicity. This list of nine drink and food pairings is a testament to the season's spirit, offering a refreshing twist to your summer gatherings, from cocktails that quench your thirst to wines that elevate your summer feasts.

Sunday Funday Orange Mimosa

Food and wine pairings | Sunday Funday Orange Mimosa

The weather is hot, the sun is shining and it's grilling season. With peaches coming into the season, now is the perfect time to savour a grilled peach salad with prosciutto and crumbled goat cheese, a delightful combination of sweet and savoury. Pair it with a refreshing canned cocktail: the Sunday Funday Mimosa!

Food and wine pairings | Grilled peach salad with prosciutto and crumbled goat cheese

The Sunday Funday Mimosa is a fresh and vibrant canned mimosa made with real juice. It features notes of tangerine and just the right amount of bubbles. The drink is proudly Canadian-owned, women-made and gluten-free. It contains only 1 gram of sugar and 90 calories per can. This delightful drink, crafted with love in our own backyard, is the perfect pairing for a grilled summer salad.

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Pinot Grigio Tavernello

Food and wine pairings | Pinot Grigio Tavernello

White wines, like the Pinot Grigio Delle Venezie by Tavernello, often take centre stage during the summer months. This versatile choice is perfect for warm days with its white peach and grapefruit aromas. Dry and light-bodied, it delivers a balanced, crisp finish, making it a great companion for various summer dishes.

Food and wine pairings | Shrimp ceviche

Try a chilled glass of this pinot grigio with shrimp ceviche for a refreshing summer pairing. The wine’s bright citrus notes and crisp acidity beautifully complement the tangy flavours of the ceviche. Its subtle fruitiness enhances the freshness of the seafood, while the clean, dry finish balances the ceviche’s vibrant herbs and spices, making this an ideal choice for any summer occasion.

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NON #1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

Food and wine pairings | NON #1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile

For those in the know, July isn't just about Canada Day; it's also the month dedicated to the Dry July movement. Whether you're participating in Dry July or simply curious about embracing a lighter lifestyle, non-alcoholic beverages are the way forward. NON is a unique and intriguing company specializing in non-wines. Their beverages combine various ingredients to create fabulous flavours to enjoy independently or with food.

Food and wine pairings | Vietnamese-style fish lettuce wraps

One standout offering from NON is the #1 Salted Raspberry & Chamomile, a non-alcoholic sparkling wine alternative. This beverage features notes of strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, alpine chamomile and floral accents with a touch of salinity. Sapid on the palate with a refreshing finish, this wine alternative pairs beautifully with various dishes, such as Vietnamese-style fish lettuce wraps.

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Boutari Agiorgitiko

Food and wine pairings | Boutari Agiorgitiko

The Boutari Agiorgitiko is a radiant ruby-coloured wine boasting aromas of red and purple flowers, dark berries, dried herbs, spice and a hint of red fruit. On the palate, it reveals a rich and refined character. It is medium-bodied with flavours of berries and plum, balanced acidity and supple tannins.

Food and wine pairings | Lamb kebabs

Pronounced "Ah-yor-YEE-tee-ko," this famous Greek grape hails from the Nemea region. Boutari, a cornerstone of Greek winemaking, has brought the essence of Greece to tables worldwide. Pair this bottle with a dish inspired by Greece: Lamb kebabs, cooked on the BBQ and enjoyed with a glass in hand! There is a harmonious marriage of flavours when having a glass of Agiorgitiko alongside tender lamb kebabs.

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Food and wine pairings | STEL+MAR Rosé

With Canada Day approaching, it is the perfect time to support more Canadian businesses, especially those that make delicious wines. STEL+MAR Wines are Canadian-owned, California-made wines that are unpretentious, environmentally focused and come adorned with a beautiful label made by Toronto-based artist Stephanie Cheng.

Food and wine pairings | Watermelon and feta salad

Their California Rosé is a vibrant and crisp wine with peach, apricot and strawberry aromas and soft herbal undertones followed by a balanced palate that can be enjoyed on its own or with a refreshing bite of watermelon and feta salad. These two are a phenomenal match!

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Masi Modello Prosecco

Food and wine pairings | Masi Modello Prosecco

Prosecco and summer naturally complement each other, thanks to prosecco's refreshing and light qualities. One example is the Masi Modello Prosecco, crafted by one of Veneto's renowned producers.

Food and wine pairings | Grilled halloumi and tomato salad

This sparkling wine offers a harmonious blend of elegance, with aromas of white flowers, peach and subtle hints of apple and pear. Its crisp palate delights with refreshing, zesty citrus fruit notes, making it perfect for any summer celebration. Whether paired with a casual meal or as an accompaniment to grilled halloumi and tomato salad, this prosecco adds a delightful touch of effervescence and enhances the flavours of any dish, elevating your summer experience.

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Villa Sandi Pinot Grigio

Food and wine pairings | Villa Sandi Pinot Grigio

Pinot grigio epitomizes the quintessential white wine for summer. This Italian classic consistently delivers a refreshing and timeless appeal that perfectly complements warm days. Villa Sandi's Pinot Grigio is a distinguished DOC delle Venezie selection known for its enticing aromas of fresh almonds, melon and subtle mineral nuances. Its dry, crisp palate offers a delightful balance of flavours.

Food and wine pairings | Burrata and fig salad

Pairing this wine with soft cheese is a natural choice, and this season's standout on wine bar menus is the burrata and fig salad. The combination of pinot grigio and creamy burrata creates a heavenly match, accentuating the wine's crispness while harmonizing with the salad's creamy texture.

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Bodega Gótica Cimbalo Rosado

Food and wine pairings | Bodega Gótica Cimbalo Rosado

The Bodega Gótica Cimbalo Rosado is a delightful rosé from the D.O. Rueda region in northern Spain. Crafted from a blend of tempranillo and verdejo grapes, this wine exudes strawberry, blueberry and cherry aromas, underscored by delicate grassy notes from the verdejo.

Food and wine pairings | Summer sausage pasta salad

Rosés, like sparkling wines, boast remarkable versatility. They effortlessly complement various dishes, from vegetables to meats and everything in between. Pairing this bottle with a summer sausage pasta salad brings out the best in the wine. Featuring an olive oil sauce, bell peppers, sausage chunks and parsley, this lighter summer pasta salad forms a delightful harmony with this rosé.

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Casa Santos Lima Portugal Red Blend

Food and wine pairings | Casa Santos Lima Portugal Red Blend

A red blend that epitomizes the winemaking prowess of southern Portugal finds its perfect match in a Canadian summer. Casa Santos Lima's Portugal Red Blend captures the essence of sun-soaked vineyards with its highly aromatic profile of bright red fruits, hints of leather, black pepper and savoury toasted notes. This bold wine impresses with defined tannins and a satisfyingly robust finish on the palate.

Food and wine pairings | Grilled pork back ribs in BBQ sauce

Bold wines like this deserve equally robust pairings, making them ideal companions for grilled meats. Imagine savouring this bottle alongside tender grilled pork back ribs slathered in BBQ sauce — an irresistible combination that brings out the best flavours in the wine and the dish.

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With Canada Day just around the corner and two more summer months ahead, enhancing your seasonal beverage selection is essential. Let's make the most of our Canadian summers with these irresistible options!