Summer in Ontario is like a really good mini series: jam-packed with entertainment and over before you know it. Thankfully, we’ve found a way to make summer last all year long with a little help from Robert Mondavi Winery.

Located in the heart of Napa Valley, To Kalon (meaning “highest beauty” in ancient Greek) and Wappo Hill are the historic vineyards that provide Robert Mondavi Winery with the sauvignon blanc grapes for its signature wine, Fumé Blanc.

This uniquely Californian version of a classic French blend from Bordeaux is truly Napa Valley in a bottle – and the closest we will get to a wine weekend getaway for a while. Since its release in 1968, Fumé Blanc has changed the sauvignon blanc game. Before Mondavi worked his magic, sauvignon blanc wines were overly sweet and one-dimensional, like a boring dinner guest you had to invite just because your parents are friends.

Robert Mondavi created a whole new reputation with Fumé Blanc, a refined yet bright, versatile and delightfully rich addition to any summertime dinner party or balcony barbecue. Fumé Blanc has upheld its reputation today, receiving 90 points from Wine Spectator for the 2017 Vintage and 91 points for the 2018 Vintage. With tasting notes of juicy Meyer lemon citrus, tangerine zest and a hint of gooseberry in each refreshing sip, it's the perfect match for classic summer salads, fresh seafood and patio snacks like charcuterie. Or drink it by itself, by yourself (you do you).

Available year round at the LCBO, this vintage is as essential to summertime as SPF, just don't forget to keep it chill and refill. 


Find your grape escape with Robert Mondavi Fumé Blanc.