When you open a can of Sapporo, you're opening up a portal into the past — pretty cool stuff, huh? Allow us to explain. Masterfully brewed since 1876, Sapporo is Japan's oldest beer brand.

Over a century ago, brewmaster Seiebei Nakagawa left Japan (when it was forbidden) when he was just 17 years old. His adventurous spirit led him to Bavaria where he learned the craft of brewing. He then brought his knowledge and skills back home to the city of Sapporo, on Japan's northern island of Hokkaido. And the rest is, well, history.

Sapporo forged its own path in the beer world by using only the finest ingredients and bringing together traditional Bavarian brewing techniques with Japanese artistry and dedication to craft. Sapporo's path is where East meets West and a truly legendary drinking experience was created and still endures today.

While it may be hard to find balance during the busy holiday season, you can always expect Sapporo to have remarkably balanced flavours. Inside its iconic can, you'll find a moderately carbonated, golden lager known for its easy-drinking medium body and crisp, refreshing finish. Sapporo may come in a big can, but its flavours aren't overpowering and pair well with a multitude of delicious dishes. From grilled meat to raw and cooked seafood and roasted root vegetables, Sapporo is a wonderful addition to any holiday spread.

So, if you find yourself stumped on what beer to serve your guests, and everyone is coming to your place in an hour (and is something burning?). Don't panic; let Sapporo's golden star be your guiding light this holiday. Plus, its shiny can and golden emblem are already dressed for the festivities. Looks like the tree isn't the only thing that's shining this year. Head to your local LCBO to pick up a pack of Sapporo and get on everyone's nice list.

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