Top Six in The 6 - The city's best soups

Grab your spoon! We're rounding up Toronto's top spots to enjoy a good ol' bowl of soup


Although Groundhog Day just gave us the thumbs up that Spring is just around the corner, a good hearty bowl of soup is still absolutely necessary to warm our hearts and fill our stomachs until the seasons officially change. With Toronto boasting everything from chunky chowders, flavourful broths and hearty one-pot wonders - it’s hard to determine what the best from the rest are to chase the chills away. Luckily, you've got us to help.

Grab your spoons and bib, we've rounded up our top six spots to enjoy a good bowl of soup in the city. And unlike the Soup Nazi's recipes (that may or may not be featured at the impending Seinfield pop-up bar)there's plenty to go around.