Top Six in The 6 - Mark McEwan's New Year's Eve must-haves

To all the New Year's Eve dinner party hosts out there, Chef Mark McEwan has the six essentials you need for the soirée


Last week we had a few drinks and starting discussing New Year's Eve plans with our friends. We're all completely over dressing up and spending half of our pay-cheque on a crowded downtown party so being the generous (and slightly drunk) friend that we are, we suggest everyone come over to ours for a dinner party. We've now sobered up and the fear sets in. We realize that we are far from dinner party masters, and we also know that Ben is going to bring his super 'sophisticated' girlfriend who's going to quietly judge our feeble attempts at a cheese plate and that we're serving prosecco instead of champagne (cheers Ben).

If you're in the same boat as us, we've had our friend (term used loosely) Chef Mark McEwan round up his top-six things to have on hand for New Years. He said it best himself:

“Throwing a successful New Year’s Eve party can seem a bit overwhelming. On one hand it’s the most celebratory day of the year, and on the other it can be one of the most dreaded festivities to plan," he says. "To make sure your night is a success there are six must-have essentials every good kitchen needs to have on hand. My top picks help bring out the best in food or can be used together as a really spectacular salad dressing."

Crisis averted. Check out the items in the gallery below and conveniently enough, all items are available at McEwan so you can spend less time shopping and more time prepping that perfect playlist for the evening.