It’s no secret that the hospitality industry was hit hard by the pandemic. Now that a sense of normalcy is returning, do restaurants and hotels have what it takes to make a comeback? In our new Industry Recovery Series, we talk to the pros to find out, and hear their stories.

After months of being forced to rely on takeout and delivery alone, not to mention the onslaught of last-minute closures and reopenings, Toronto’s restaurants have been through the wringer. Now, the industry is trying desperately to recoup its losses and recover, but a new slew of challenges is in the way.

In our new Industry Recovery Series, in association with George Brown College, we talk to the pros behind Toronto’s restaurant scene and the local tourism industry to hear their stories and get an inside look at the recovery effort. The five-part series will include three episodes starring industry experts and two long form articles that will show a broader picture of the current industry landscape. Stay tuned as they’re released over the coming months.

Our first episode goes behind the scenes at beloved Neapolitan pizza brand Pizzeria Libretto. We chat to executive chef and partner Rocco Agostino and senior operations manager Hilary Drago to get the lowdown on how they toughed out the pandemic and what challenges they're facing now.

Watch the first episode in the Industry Recovery Series above.