Hosting season is well underway, and nothing brings people together quite like a beautiful cheeseboard. Sharing a laugh over a spread of delicious cheeses with a glass of wine in hand is just the best. Rather than hunting around the city for a cheese shop, why not sit back, relax and let the cheese come to you?

At, you’ll find a large selection of the finest cheeses from all over the world. Do you swoon from the sharpness of a well-aged cheddar? Or savour the subtle mushroom flavour of a gooey baked brie? How about a delightfully salty feta? We’re getting a hankering just thinking about all the dreamy, cheesy options.

From well-loved heritage cheeses to rare, hard-to-find wheels, the online cheesery has something to suit every taste. Shop through the selection by type of cheese, flavour profile or texture. Best of all, delivers in Toronto and Montreal. Select your premium cheeses from their online shop and have them delivered right to your doorstep — easy, cheesy (sorry, we had to).

Cheeseworld online cheesery | A spread of cheese and fruit

Lactalis Canada is part of Lactalis Group, the world's leading dairy company, headquartered in Laval, France. Expect brands like Balderson, President, Castelli, Don Bernardo and more. Find everything you need to make the perfect spread at The online cheese shop is also an excellent resource for tips, recipes, pairings and more.

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Stuck on gift shopping for the holidays? Foodies, cheese lovers and dinner party hosts will all love a beautiful gift box of cheese from Cheeseworld.

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Wine Pairings

Cheeseworld online cheese shop | A spread of wine and cheese

Take all the guesswork out of wine and cheese pairings with Cheeeseworld’s handy resources. Discover which wines work well with which cheeses, then add them to your cart. To help you up your hosting game, they offer tips for assembling the perfect board, recipes and more.

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Cheese Samplers

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If you’re a lover of all things cheesy, or you still have yet to discover what your favourites are, order a cheese sampler. They come with a variety of different cheeses you can sample, or serve all together on a board — just add crackers and fruit to suit your taste.

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