The Kitchen Chronicles: At home with Cory Vitiello

We get an inside peek in the kitchen with Cory Vitiello, his partner Martina Sorbara, better known by her stage name Dragonette, and their son Barlow.

Cory Vitiello, Martina Sorbara and Barlow

After Cory Vitiello left his swish neighbourhood restaurants (the Harbord Room and THR & Co.) for a group of fast-casual, daytime counters (Flock) in 2016, his work schedule gave him time to eat at home. “My cooking went from catering to restaurant clients six nights a week to cooking the food I love at home for my family,” he says. “I got very much into dinner parties, no surprise.”

Two years after meeting his partner Martina Sorbara, their son Barlow was born. “We changed our dining habits based around what we know he would eat,” he says. “We’re not making ourselves steaks. He loves fish and pasta.” They also order Uber Eats twice a week when their schedules are busy. “Barlow is a huge fan of green fish curry from Sukhothai.”

Late last year, the family moved into a renovated coach house near High Park with a large open kitchen designed by Sorbara’s sister, Ginger, an interior designer.

When it comes to dining, Sorbara and Vitiello enjoy stand-up meals around their island. When he got old enough, Barlow ditched his high chair for a step stool so he can eat with his parents. “He’s very confident, standing on his little step stool. He likes being part of the real action, eating with us.”

While the addition of Barlow has changed Vitiello and Sorbara’s routine, they still find the flexibility to entertain. “We invite people over a lot more than we’re going out now,” Vitiello explains. “We wait until he goes to bed at seven o’clock, and then as long as we’re being relatively quiet, we have friends over from eight o’clock onwards.”