Twenty Two Media's commitment to Black Lives Matter

The team at Twenty Two Media took some time out to listen, learn and amplify Black voices last week – here's how we intend to support the Black Lives Matter movement going forward. 

At Twenty Two Media, we took some time out to listen, learn and amplify Black voices last week (you can see our original response and curated list of resources here). We are committed to taking positive steps to support the Black Lives Matter movement, both big and small. From conscious learning and unlearning individually, to using our platforms to shine a light on Black businesses and chefs, we hope to be part of a bigger change in our community and around the world.

Black Food Toronto provides emergency food support to members of the African, Caribbean and Black community impacted by COVID-19.


To start, for the month of June, all employee donations to Black Lives Matter causes will be matched by the company. If a monthly donation is set up, the donation will be matched for the entire year.

We launched a GoFundMe campaign to raise funds for Black Food Toronto. In exchange for donations, we mailed out copies of Foodism's Summer Issue for free. We are thrilled to announce that we raised $2665!

This money helped provide emergency food support to Black individuals affected by COVID-19. The work doesn't stop there, this is just the beginning of necessary change, continued support and education.

Community outreach

Your free copy delivered

Due to COVID-19, street handouts of Foodism are on pause – so, in exchange for a small charitable donation, we’ll mail you a copy of our Summer Issue direct to your door.

We’ve launched a GoFundMe page to show our solidarity with the Black community and with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Our chosen initiative is Black Food Toronto, an organization raising money to provide emergency food support to individuals and families within the African, Caribbean and Black community in Toronto who have been impacted by COVID-19.

We’ll cover the cost of shipping your copy (Canada wide) so 100% of your donation goes to Black Food Toronto.

1) Donate whatever amount you can.

2) Once you've made your donation, just fill in your details on our home delivery page.

Both the hospitality and creative industries have been primarily led by white figures and voices. And like many others, we have been complicit in this culture. 

We will be working with George Brown’s Hospitality program to facilitate an annual scholarship available to BIPOC.

We are also committing to making food writing more accessible to the Black community through free writing workshops and paid publishing opportunities on our website.

Representing our city

We want our publications to reflect everyone, and we’ve recognized our own unconscious bias in our writing and image selection. We are committed to: 

  • broadening our roster of freelancers
  • increasing our photography budgets to ensure we are representing Black-owned businesses that may not have access to PR resources/imagery
  • choosing stock photography that represents the diversity of our audience

We started Foodism with a mission: to represent all of Toronto and tell the stories of the people and places that make our industry so special. We know that this is more important than ever and we will work even harder to give Black people in this space a bigger voice.

We will stay curious, keep learning and – with the help of our peers – continue to put out a magazine that we can be proud of.