Get a FREE Frosty with any Wendy's order on SkipTheDishes this month

For the entire month of August, the food delivery app will give customers a free 12 oz small Frosty with every single Wendy’s order.

They (or at least, Luther Vandross and Janet Jackson) say that the best things in life are free, and we're inclined to believe them. Especially when that something free is delicious and delivered right to our doorstep on a hot summer day.

SkipTheDishes is giving away a FREE Frosty every time you order something from Wendy's for the entire month of August. There's no minimum order, so whether you're getting a bacon jalapeño cheeseburger, chicken strips or just fries to dunk in your dessert, Wendy's will treat you to a free Frosty.

To claim your complimentary dessert, add a small chocolate or vanilla Frosty (12 oz.) to your Wendy’s delivery order before checkout. The offer is limited to 1 per order for delivery orders – but you can go right ahead and order a second (third? fourth?) time to get your Frosty fill from now until August 31.

Canadians certainly aren't shy about ordering a Frosty, and Ontario is leading the charge. There's no right or wrong way to enjoy the fast-food favourite – whether you order fries and Frosty’s together (and perhaps do the infamous dunk) as 243,376 Ontarians did in 2019, or you're one of the 104,701 in the GTA who ordered 5-piece chicken nuggets, the data shows that we can't just get enough.

Whether you're a Wendy's diehard or just curious to try a Frosty (with or without fries), August is the perfect time to cool down with a SkipTheDishes delivery.

Order your Wendy's delivery from SkipTheDishes or download the iOS or Android app today and claim your free Frosty.