Drink review: Innis & Gunn's Frank & Sense

Taking inspiration from the Three Wise Men, this holiday beer from Innis & Gunn has frankincense, myrrh and even gold infused into the brew.

Brewing inspiration comes in many forms. For the holiday season, Scottish brewery Innis & Gunn looked to a well-known biblical trio to create a new festive beer – Frank & Sense.

This golden ale is made with – you guessed it – frankincense, myrrh and even gold. While they may seem like oddball items to include in a brew, the former two ingredients lend a slightly citrusy character that complements the floral hops used in Frank & Sense quite nicely.

Thanks to its toasty malts, you'll taste some buttery caramel in this ale, complemented by a hoppy, bitter finish that lingers. We're not quite sure how the gold plays into things but we do appreciate the festive-looking paper wrap that accompanies Frank & Sense, making it a nice bottle for a hostess gift or a conversation starter for a holiday potluck.

$7.95; LCBO.