Drink review: Village Juicery's Sun Potion Hot Cocoa

For a sweet and rich mid afternoon pick-me-up, this organic hot cocoa features a blend of tonic herbs that invigorate

Toronto’s frigid winter isn’t making it any easier for us to re-enter the regular grind after our holidays away from the office. Caffeine is definitely an option to keep us going, but the post-coffee crashes might have you struggling to keep your eyes open and fingers typing after the effects of that first glorious cup fade come mid-morning or afternoon.

Village Juicery’s got a tasty alternative or complement to your regular caffeinated pick-me-ups. The Sun Potion Hot Cocoa is a chocolatey nut milk beverage made fresh every evening and steamed-to-order. The warm drink’s key ingredient is an anandamide – a unique blend of raw cacao and tonic herbs made by Californian superfood makers Sun Potion. The concoction could help to increase your awareness as well as ease stress – a definite bonus while sifting through neglected inboxes. At Village Juicery, they combine the powder with almond and cashew milk for a nutty body that balances the anandamide's spice blend of cardamom, tumeric, cayenne and cinnamon. There’s just enough raw honey to sweeten without turning this drink into a full-on dessert.

The nut milks help to create a frothy top to the beverage after steaming while also giving this hot cocoa a richness that’ll help tide you over to your next meal or snack. Enjoy it warm from a Village Juicery bar near you or grab a bottle to go. Warm the cocoa on your stovetop but take care not to boil it in order to retain the beverage’s beneficial properties.

$6 per cup,