Make a statement by bringing Graffigna to your next gathering

One of Argentina's oldest wineries, Graffigna is a bold bottle with plenty of personality that's perfect for sharing with friends and family this summer.

Graffigna wine with a large steak

What does your go-to drink say about you? We’re not talking about surface-level, Buzzfeed-esque answers here; rather, how does your libation selection reflect your most intricate personality quirks and nuances? Even the wine you pick for the night says something about you. If you haven’t given it much thought, now’s the perfect time to consider a winery that’s as bold as you are — Graffigna.

Graffigna is one of Argentina’s oldest wineries, with more than 150 years of winemaking experience. Their bottles, ranging from malbec to cabernet sauvignon, are brimming with rich flavour and remarkable character. Choosing Graffigna is a statement — you’re picking you in a bottle, after all.

Graffigna | Woman opening a bottle of Graffigna wine

It all starts with the grapes, grown at the foothills of the Andes Mountains in Argentina. The microclimates of the area produce different grape varieties that, when combined, create complex flavour notes emblematic of Argentina’s heritage and passion.

Innovation and daring thinking has been Graffigna’s approach for 150 years — in 1935, the winery was one of the first to use cold in the vinification process. Success has followed — their Pinot Grigio vintage 2019 was recently named a Best Buy by Wine Enthusiast.

Graffigna | Friends toasting with glasses of Graffigna wine

Like any great personality, Graffigna is best when shared with friends and family. A bottle of Graffigna Pinot Grigio (LCBO #164756) — medium bodied, soft with balanced acidity and the aromas of citrus, mushrooms, lees and herbs — will be an extension of your own vibrance at the next summer BBQ you attend. Or, perhaps, you’re more of a Graffigna Malbec (LCBO #230474) — medium to full-bodied, spicy, yeasty, with notes of blood orange and berry compote — the stylish dinner host who welcomes all with a warm smile.

Graffigna | A bottle of Graffigna and wine glasses at a party

Good company and good wine are what we want all summer long. Graffigna will bring a spark to your gatherings with friends and family — you can even scan the back of the bottle to play Graffigna The Game, an online trivia game where everyone can have a blast testing their knowledge. Don’t shy away from serving your personality in a glass with Graffigna.

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