Drink review: Gran Patrón Smoky

This ultra-premium silver tequila is the perfect way to treat agave enthusiasts this holiday – or yourself if you've been good all year. 

Gran Patrón Smoky tequila

You wouldn't expect to buy second-rate ingredients and still be able to whip up a feast for the senses. So why do we skimp on the kinds of liquor we drink and think it'll be any different? 

Investment pieces shouldn't just be consigned to the wardrobe – this holiday, it's time to splurge on a truly great spirit like Gran Patrón Smoky. The tequila begins with the highest-quality Weber Blue Agave, roasting the piñas (the heart of the plant) with mesquite for about a week in small, underground stone pits in Jalisco, Mexico. Next, the agave is crushed by a two-tonne volcanic stone Tahona wheel and a roller mill, before being fermented and distilled in small, copper-pot stills.

What may seem like a laborious process to the uninitiated, is a necessary measure to ensure the perfectly balanced and nuanced smoky flavours of the artisanal tequila. It might sound like sacrilege to suggest enjoying the super-smooth spirit – with its peppery, citrus notes – in any way other than straight sipping, but Gran Patrón Smoky also lends itself well to cocktails. 

Whether you're shaking up a tamarind twist on the classic margarita, a riff on the Last Word cocktail or the super suave Martinez (part Manhattan, part martini), you might just find that you don't want to share Gran Patrón Smoky this holiday.