Try this Inception Deep Layered Red for your next big night in

Turn your evening routine into a celebratory ritual with Inception Deep Layered Red, a smooth medium-bodied red blend.

Inception Deep Layered Red, South African wine available at the LCBO

Humans are creatures of habit. We’ve heard this saying time and time again. Habits are what help us get through the day, they’re the reason why you brush your teeth in the morning (hopefully) and have a bedtime. And they’re also the reason why you keep reaching for that same boring bottle of red.

So why not try something else? Break away from the same 'ol standards and take a trip out of your comfort zone. Now, is the time for inception. The beginning of something different, something better. If you’re looking to change up your average night in, opening a bottle of Inception Deep Layered Red is the perfect place to start.

This smooth, juicy, medium-bodied red blend is wonderfully supple with a fruit-forward profile that combines rich flavours of chocolate, vanilla, mocha and spice. It will satiate your thirst and also leave you wanting “just one more glass.” (Yeah, OK, we've heard that one before, too.)

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Inception Deep Layered Red is produced in South Africa, a winemaking country that has forged its own path, taking influences from both the Old and New World. The result is a California-style red with hand-picked grapes from South Africa, and one of the more premium wines offered in that section. Inception Deep Layered Red is easy to pair with most meals, from spicy chicken dishes to dark chocolate, or just have it by itself — less dishes.

This is the kind of red blend you want on deck for a casual Wednesday on the couch, and a Saturday well spent. Whatever night you're having, Inception Deep Layered Red will turn your evening routine into a celebratory ritual that you'll want to experience over and over.

We know we shouldn’t choose a bottle by its label, but this one’s intricate design is as captivating as the contents inside. And, like most things that stand out from the crowd, this red is hard to forget.

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