Uncover Jura whisky and the incredible island it comes from

More than just whisky, Jura embodies the passion of its community. Their dedication and a unique distilling process make this single malt truly one of a kind.

There's something to be said about those who just do one thing really well. It’s how expertise turns into mastery, and it's how the tiny isle of Jura, Scotland produces their extraordinary single malt scotch whiskies.

Originally opened in 1810 and then reinvigorated in 1963, the Isle of Jura Distillery Co. has been the beating heart and the lifeblood of this isolated island community for decades. Today, 212 big hearts call Jura home, and almost all of them have a family member who either works with the distillery or in whisky-related tourism. With just one road, one pub and one distillery, this is a community wholly dedicated to crafting the finest single malt scotch whisky. Going against a number of obstacles, they brought the tallest stills to the most "un-get-at-able" place, all to make their whisky taste superior.

As the island's major export, whisky is Jura's singular focus. This dedication, combined with an unmatched distillation process, is what has enabled them to create a single malt scotch unlike any other.

Rather than making either a peated or unpeated whisky, Jura makes both. They wait until the time is just right, then blend together a heavily-peated and unpeated spirit. This incredibly unique process is what results in their whisky’s signature character: bright, smooth and lively, just like the people of Jura who craft this delicious spirit.

Jura whisky | Isle of Jura Distillery Co. at sunset

Starting out its maturation journey in ex-bourbon American oak barrels enhances the new make spirit’s light citrus and grassy style. Then, further maturation in hand-selected oak casks from Europe and around the world imparts even more flavour profiles for you to experience and enjoy.

Finishing in Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez de la Frontera, Spain gives the Jura 10 Year Old and the Jura 12 Year Old their sweet characteristics. To gain the layered complexity found in the Jura Seven Wood, a portion of the whisky is split between six different virgin oak casks from all over France. Each of these single malt scotch whiskies is made with the utmost care and craftsmanship by the people of Jura.

Named the most "un-get-at-able" place by George Orwell when he spent a few months there writing his classic novel 1984, Jura is a special place with a unique energy. The Paps of Jura, three mountains on the west side of the island contribute to the unique landscape. The nature here is truly breathtaking, with 6,000 red dear roaming free. Offshore, the Corryvreckan is the third largest whirlpool in the world.

Jura is more than just a whisky, it’s a reflection of the people who make it and the beautiful, mystical island that they call home. The unwavering passion and tenacity of the islanders goes into every drop, making it taste even better because it matters so much to those who make it.

On the rocks, neat or in a delightfully warming hot toddy winter cocktail — there’s no right or wrong way to drink Jura. Enjoy this special and unique spirit your way, with your people.

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