Kingsville, Ontario is putting hops on the map with an award-winning craft beer

If you like your lager local with a side of adventure, Kingsville Brewery's range of hand-crafted beer will refresh the boldest of palates this fall. 

Buying local: If you weren't doing it already, it's a term you've probably heard a lot of in 2020. Luckily for Ontarians, there is no end to the amount of fantastic food and drink found on our doorstep – meaning that if you were feeling like branching out of Toronto craft beers, there's a whole province to fill up your cup. 

Kingsville Brewery, based in the southernmost part of Ontario, isn't just another beer producer from Ontario. It's a hand-crafted line of beer that speaks to what it is to be Canadian in every single sip. Kingsville's collection of ale, lager and stout was made with the Great White North in mind and flavours inspired by truly Canadian memories. From a mirrored frozen lake to a campfire under the stars, the beers are a product of the beautiful landscape that this small town in southwestern Ontario is surrounded by.

This part of southwestern Ontario might be better known for its wineries (Kingsville is Canada's warmest grape-growing region), but Kingsville Brewery is putting the charming town north of Lake Erie on the map for its hops. The brewery was founded in 2017 by Mark Muzzin and Marty Turco, a former professional ice hockey goaltender and permanent beer lover. Soon after, the brewery expanded to include a taphouse in Kingsville, where hopheads can pair brews like their India Pale Ale and Light Eh! Lager (silver medallist at the Canadian Brewing Awards in the Light Lager category) with local fare like Kingsville's Fish & Chips. But whether you're drinking the golden amber Czech Style Lager, the hazy Hefeweizen or the roasty, toasty Barrel-Aged Stout, the best pairing of all is good company.

Kingsville Brewery might be a four-hour drive from Toronto, but you don't need to travel far to experience their award-winning ales. Kingsville Brewery is available across Ontario at select local beer retailers (LCBO, the Beer Store and several grocery stores) – so you can crack open your next adventure from inside your apartment.

Kingsville Brewery, $2.80