Fill up your cup with Van Houtte's Signature Collection of Fairtrade-certified coffees

Taste the difference with Van Houtte's Signature Collection of Fairtrade-certified coffees that support farmers and communities around the world. 

There’s nothing like a warm cup of coffee to comfort you during trying times, and those trying mornings when your finger is practically glued to the snooze button. Thankfully there’s a coffee break partner like Van Houtte to help get you through the day and one more Zoom meeting.

Since 1919, Van Houtte has been selecting the best quality beans from the highest coffee grade. Whether it’s whole beans, ground coffee or recyclable K-Cup pods, Van Houtte brings only the best Arabica beans to you and your home.

Van Houtte’s exceptional Signature Collection offers a unique range of flavourful coffee blends, created by their passionate and highly skilled Master Roaster. By carefully selecting high quality, single origin beans that are responsibly sourced from trusted partners, Van Houtte’s Fairtrade-certified coffee supports the quality of life of coffee growers and workers.

Start your journey with the medium roast Van Houtte Honduras Signature Fairtrade coffee. This exclusive blend offers delightfully sweet hints of caramel and strong earthy notes. For twenty years, Van Houtte has partnered with producers from Honduras’s San Luis Planes community and helped the Montaña Verde cooperative increase food security for hundreds of families.

Then, experience a dark roast true to its Mexican roots with the Van Houtte Mexico Signature Fairtrade and organic coffee, a fruity blend with intense flavours. Thanks to the Fairtrade premium on these beans, farmers like those of the GRAPOS Fairtrade cooperative, in the Chiapas region, are able to receive financial and technical assistance, farming tools and community development programs.

Van Houtte Colombia Signature Fairtrade coffee is a truly unique dark roast that has chocolatey notes with hints of fruit and a vibrant taste. Even better, more than 3,200 members of the Coocentral Fairtrade cooperative who, among other co-ops, grow its wonderful beans receive training, loans and scholarships. With Van Houtte, a great cup of coffee doesn't just lift you up, it lifts up communities.

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