Get your fix of healthy goodness with The Fix + Co

Craving a lunch that's healthy, plant-based and totally Instagram-worthy? Time to trade in your chowder for a power salad...


It's a funny thing, this warmer weather. Before you know it, cravings for smoothie bowls and kale overtake those cold weather longings for red wine and French fries, like some physical response to spring cleaning. (Spring clean eating?) Luckily, The Fix + Co has you covered with an epic range of plant-based goodness, from cold-pressed juices, to grab-and-go salads.

The Fix + Co started off as the passion project of two food-loving cousins with a serious thing for healthy eating. Since it's Toronto's first plant-based deli, you can trust that they know their stuff. (There's even an in-house nutritionist keeping tabs on the juice cleanses.) The menu is all about fresh takes on local, organic and seasonal produce. Sounds like just what the doctor ordered...

Special offer: Get 15% off your next fix with code fixinthesix15 when you order online or visit them in store.