Weapons of Choice: Kitchen Basics manual juicers

With this efficient manual juicer from Kitchen Basics, your citrus is guaranteed good to the last drop. Get ready to channel your inner Beyonce: it's the summer of lemonade...


If you're a food TV junkie, chances are you've seen these lemon and lime juicers on your favourite kitchen set. Why are they so popular with chefs trying to beat the clock? Efficiency, efficiency, efficiency. Unlike traditional manual juicers, this one extracts all the good stuff without tricking you into a hardcore upper body workout. Bonus: less juice running down your hands, more in the glass. Whether you're whisking together a citrussy salad dressing or squeezing your morning glass of hot lemon and ginger, this tool makes it easy.

Reg. $12.99, promo $9.99; Kitchen Stuff Plus