If you’re not big on camping, a camp stove may not exactly be a kitchen tool that’s on your radar; but even if you’re not planning on spending a week in the woods anytime soon, a portable camp stove can be handy to have for the summer season. They’re great for picnics and other outdoor get-togethers, or even for informal camp-outs like overnights at summer music festivals.

The Coleman Fyresergeant 2-Burner Propane Stove has a simple, push-button ignition, which means you don’t need to worry about having matches or a lighter on hand. Each of the two burners can be adjusted independently, giving you the option to simmer on one and boil on the other. If you want to get creative with your outdoor feasts, you can also swap out the standard pot supports on the cooktop for steel grill grates (sold separately) to give your meats and veggies a grilled finish.

A lot of camp stoves have side panels that help protect the burners from wind, but also limit the size of the pans you can fit on the stove. The Fyresergeant instead has a Windblock pan that frees up space and allows you to use a 12" and 10" pan at the same time. When you’re done, the whole thing packs up like a neat metal briefcase for transport.

199.99; canadiantire.ca