Sipping some vino out on a breezy porch or while sitting around a campfire is summery bliss, but it often means awkwardly balancing your glass on the uneven ground or keeping it held in your hands — the risk of spillage is high in both cases (especially if you’re big on gestures). The average patio chair doesn’t offer any place to rest your glass and while some camp chairs have cup holders, they certainly aren’t designed to hold stemware.

Sure, you could always switch to stemless cups but stems are an important part of the wine drinking experience. Stemmed glasses allow you to swirl the wine, helping you to better sense its subtle aromas as well as aerating it. Stems also prevent your warm fingers from affecting the temperature of chilled wines.

So instead, there’s the Wine Hook, a plastic attachment designed to hold most stemmed glasses. It clips onto the arm of almost any chair, creating a secure spot to set your wine glass. While it’s mainly marketed as a handy tool for those drinking wine outside, we won’t judge if you find yourself clipping it to indoor chairs and other ledges in your home.