One of the most challenging elements of making a home-baked pie is the crust. It's surprisingly difficult to nail that decorative edge – fork impressions are quick but not the prettiest in terms of presentation. Hand-pinching works (in a pinch!) but can be time-consuming. 

Rose Levy Beranbaum, host of the PBS cooking series Baking Magic and author of The Pie and Pastry Bible, came across the same challenges in her own pie-baking so she designed her own to solve this very issue – and then some. Rose's Perfect Pie plate as a deep-fluted edge that delivers a fancy, beautiful pie crust and also makes it easier to pop the plate in and out of the oven. 

Spillovers are less of an issue with this pie plate since it has a large four-cup capacity. It's made with high-fired ceramic that resists scratching, staining and cracking but it's still dishwasher safe so clean-up is simple. 

Beyond the classic apple and pumpkin pies, Rose's Perfect Pie Plate can easily be used for savoury options like shepherd's pie or a quiche too.