One thousand kilometres north of Winnipeg, the majestic Churchill awaits. You know that saying, "all roads lead to Rome," well, things are a little different up in the subarctic. No roads lead to Churchill — you have to take a plane or train to get there. But once you witness the wonders of this remote northern town on the shores of the Hudson Bay, you won't ever want to leave.

Known as the polar bear capital of the world, Churchill is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of adventure. Fall is the best time to see these majestic bears on an arctic safari. In the summer, the great Churchill River flows with thousands of beluga whales.

There's no denying that the wildlife is magnificent, but Churchill boasts another phenomenon that you can see nearly 300 nights a year: the northern lights or aurora borealis. Churchill's ideal position under the auroral oval makes for prime viewing of earth's best natural light show. Watch brilliant greens and dramatic purples dance around the atmosphere and cloak the night sky in a colourful curtain.

The peak viewing time to see the mysterious flickering rays and spirals of the aurora borealis is between February and March, when the air is cold and the skies are clear. From the warmths of a yurt set in the boreal forest to a tundra vehicle or a spectacular glass Aurora Pod with 360-degree views, there are so many ways to enjoy the lights.

Bespoke tours such as Indigenous-owned Beyond Boreal Expeditions and photography-led Discover Churchill offer packages and multi-day tours to get the most out of your northern lights adventure.

For the intrepid foodie, a visit to Dan's Diner takes 'will travel for food' to the next level. This mobile Tundra Buggy moonlights as a dining hall hidden in the wilderness. Trundle across the frozen Churchill River below as the northern lights sway above you. Then, tuck into an exquisitely curated, multi-course meal featuring regional and local fare. Bellies and hearts full, -35 degrees never felt so good.

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