Amanda Scriver

Amanda Scriver

Contributing Writer

Amanda (Ama) Scriver is a passionate storyteller, community builder and a social activist. She is a full-time freelancer writing on topics ranging from food and coffee to body politics and feminism. In her spare time, she loves relaxing with trashy reality television, a good drag show and listening to hip hop.

Amanda Scriver's articles

What's next for the Canadian cheese industry?

After recent international success, Canadian cheese is at a crossroads. Amanda Scriver checks in with the new generation to find out what’s next.

Urban harvesting with Not Far from The Tree

Each summer, the fruit trees hiding out in backyards across Toronto are bursting with fresh berries, apples and other treats. Not Far From the Tree wants to pick your bounty...

Etiquette expert Lisa Orr explains the art of afternoon tea

Queen Elizabeth just celebrated her 90th birthday with a spot of afternoon tea. How very British. Or is it?

Restaurant review: Bar Reyna

Looking to tour the Mediterranean? No need to get your passport stamped, just head over to Yorkville's Bar Reyna...

Toronto's very own Willy Wonka-esque chocolatier Brandon Olsen

The ex–Bar Isabel chef creating confections that are a feast for the senses

What does it mean to be gluten-free in Toronto?

Gluten-free cupcakes all around: May is Celiac Awareness Month. We look into what it's like to live with the disease in Toronto...

Chef John Horne explores the beauty of Canadian cuisine

Canoe’s new Taste Series has Chef John doing homework on the unique cultures and feasts that exist across the country

The Instagram celebrity taking food porn to parody levels

The Instagram celebrity taking food porn to parody levels

Chef Tyler Shedden makes a commitment to sustainable seafood

We talk to the Chase Hospitality Group's Chef Tyler Shedden about how Canadians can make smarter choices at the fish counter

Sylvain Assié on french cuisine and the new look of Café Boulud

The Chef de Cuisine on his love for French cooking, the revamp of Café Boulud and his take on the Toronto food scene.

The look of hunger in Toronto

Amidst a thriving food and drink culture, the issue of hunger in Toronto is increasing. Amanda Scriver takes a look at the frightening stats and the organizations trying to eradicate the problem

Retailers roll out craft beer in Ontario – but are we ready?

Whisper it quietly, but there's a craft beer revolution brewing in Ontario. We keep you up to date, with small-batch stories from the big successes of this rising industry

Meet Robin Wynne, the man bringing 'island time' to Toronto

We chat to the man driving the tiki trend in Toronto from Queen Street bar Miss Thing's

Culinary art: A look at the Industry Ink project

We chat to the creator of Industry Ink - the viral project shining light on the food industry's love of tattoos